Education forms a essential element of the Society’s mission to increase awareness of protecting Egypt’s heritage and to generate enthusiasm for studying it.

Exhibition posterDuring the Society’s work at Abydos, Armant, and Tell el-Amarna an annual exhibition would be held each year (usually in the Wellcome Historical Medicine Museum) to display some of the finds from the previous dig season. These were advertised in large posters (left), some which were even displayed in the London Underground.

These exhibitions would take place before the final division and subsequent distribution of finds but were a crucial way of raising public awareness of the Society’s mission.

Excavating Egypt draws on a long legacy of ‘pop-up’ exhibitions from this period in the Society’s history and aims to represent the contribution made over 133 years to the discipline of Egyptology and archaeology in its wider context.

Another way of increasing awareness of the importance of protecting Egypt’s cultural heritage was for the dig directors to give lectures about their research and findings. The EES Lucy Gura Archives contains a number of invitations to attend these lectures, including those where John Pendlebury presented the cinematograph film which he produced during the 1930-31 dig season at Tell el-Amarna.

Which of these lectures would you have booked for?


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