The Egypt Exploration Society

The Egypt Exploration Society is one of the oldest and most important Egyptological institutions in the world and continues to promote excavation and research today.

The Egypt Exploration Society has been working in Egypt since 1882 when it was founded by Miss Amelia Edwards, renowned Victorian author and epic traveller. Amelia journeyed to Egypt in the winter of 1873 and sailed all the way up the Nile to Abu Simbel. She later wrote about her experiences in the bestselling travel account A thousand miles up the Nile, recounting her adventures excavating tombs, watching the temples pass by, and painting unforgettable scenes of ancient wonders.

Her amazement turned to despair when she records in her book:

Amelia Edwards

On her return to London, Amelia set about founding a society that would fulfil this role: to uncover Egypt’s past and preserve it for future generations. On 1st April 1882, together with Reginald Stuart Poole of the British Museum, and others, Amelia announced in the press that ‘the long-desired Society for the Promotion of Excavation in the Delta of the Nile has at last been constituted under very favourable auspices’. And so the Egypt Exploration Fund was born. Although renamed the Egypt Exploration Society in 1919, that early vision of Amelia’s remains true to this day; the Society continues excavation and survey work in Egypt as well as publishing the findings to promote the study of Egyptology and engagement with the wider public. Our programme of lectures, seminars, and study days continue to draw audiences from across the world to hear about the latest findings in Egyptology. Our archive, now containing over a century of records relating to expeditions in the Nile valley, is a lasting record of sites explored. Over 100 sites have been investigated by the Society since its foundation, while countless students and pioneers in the field of Egyptology have walked through our doors. Excavating Egypt gives you the opportunity to walk in their footsteps and experience the expeditions of the Egypt Exploration Society. Come and explore for yourself…

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