Endangered Heritage

Heritage can be threatened in many different ways, including looting, theft, vandalism, and encroachment. Egypt has certainly witnessed problems relating to these issues since the 2011 revolution, but the Egypt Exploration Society has faced up to these challenges and continues to maintain the principles established by Amelia Edwards, and presented at the start of Excavating Egypt.    

During summer 2015 the EES took on Fahema Begum as their Lucy Gura Archive Intern. Over the course of her internship Fahema has also prepared a small display which can be found around the office and library next door. This display focuses on four objects that were stolen from the Cairo Museum during the 2011 revolution. These four items were originally excavated by the EES from Tell el-Amarna and subsequently deposited in Cairo. While the material items may be lost (hopefully not forever), the archival material preserved in the Lucy Gura archive has become the primary resource for the study of these lost treasures. You can follow Fahema’s display around the office, or visit her pop-up website at: www.endangeredheritage.wordpress.com.


The rubbish dump that currently threatens archaeology at the Society’s work in the delta at Quesna


Despite over a century of exploration, it is clear that much more remains to be discovered buried beneath Egypt’s sands and fields. We can only continue our mission with the help and support of our members, and their kind generosity and determined enthusiasm to preserve Egypt’s ancient heritage.

If you would like to get involved and join the team then please visit our website, or send us an email.

It is only by working together that we can address the destruction of these irreplaceable ancient remains.

Thank you for visiting Excavating Egypt, we hope that you have enjoyed your visit!

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