Once the new discoveries were recorded on site they were sent to Cairo for an official division to be made. Items of national importance were retained by the Cairo Museum, while duplicates were permitted to be taken to the UK where they were further distributed among the Society’s institutional subscribers.

Under the control of Auguste Mariette, the Egyptian Antiquities Service permitted no foreign missions to send artefacts out of Egypt. But, thanks to a friendly relationship between Amelia Edwards and Mariette’s successor, Gaston Maspero, The Egypt Exploration Society was granted permission to divide its discoveries with the Cairo Museum. This arrangement guaranteed donations from subscribers and facilitated the continuation of the Society’s work in Egypt. This amicable relationship with Egypt continues today, and although no teams are permitted to take items out of Egypt again, our members continue to fund our work safe in knowledge that they contribute to the knowledge we gain about life in Ancient Egypt.

This map represents just some of the places that have received objects from our excavations between 1882 and 1982.

Distribution map

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